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    Name: Yagumoto; Anuton

    Reiatsu:Golden black

    Position:Vice-Captain of squad 4

    Appearance and Personality:
    He is a small person in the middle ages.White hair, short and ruffy, almost like Toshiros hair. He has dark green eyes and very thick eyebrows. He walks around with a green golden leather coat and golden shirt and pants underneath the coat. He's body is welltrained but also tiny, you can see the muscles when he gets tens. That he often gets. He's a man of the proud people never get afraid, at least not showing that he is.

    Name: Hanshiro
    Shikai Release Command: Live forever Hanshiro!!! Translation would be helpfull.

    Sealed Form:

    Hanshiro is a longblade with a curve almost like the moon. It a small longblade and the sharp side of the sword is golden and the other side is silver. It has a beutiful pattern of leavs in a golden/silver colour that overlaps the blade.

    The power of Hanshiro: When shouting "Live forever Hanshiro":

    The colour changes into a complete golden sword. The leaves of the pattern blooms out into a rose of the colour of red. The form stays as a longblade with the shape of a halfmoon.
    The blade forms into a broad golden collar and lands around his shoulders and top of his chest. The rest of the blades mass becomes like golden dust that can heal all wounds when touching them. The user can control the golden ash. Whenever he want's to the ash becomes like two golden sharped circles. That he can eihter use as a shorthand weapen or throw away like a boomerang. But it still has it's round shape. Although he cannot control them as freely as he can with the ash.


    Name: God of the golden ash, Hanshiro

    The user gets two bracelets of gold and a broad belt of gold. the mass of golden ash becomes much larger than the shikai form. The rings becomes much much larger and becomes like a searching missile. It locates the enemies reiatsu and attacks the enemy. The ash heals faster than before and the user can create small explosions within the ash.
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