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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Mark Fletcher

    Gender: Male

    Race: Half Human/Half Ghost/Half Werewolf

    Age: Sixteen (in human years)

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class: *shrugs*

    Power Rating:
    Human - Adventurer (8)
    Ghost - Hero (10)
    Werewolf - Great Hero (14)


    Height: 6'1" (human) 7' (werewolf)

    Weight: 175lbs (human) 300lbs; 290 lbs of muscle, 10 lbs of fat (werewolf)

    Human Eye Color: Brown

    Ghost Eye Color: Light Green

    Werewolf Eye Color: Solid Black

    Human Apperance: Wears a white t-shirt, blue pants and wears black and white shoes.

    Ghost Apperance: Opposite of human apperance: blue t-shirt, white pants and still has black and white shoes. Surprisingly people cannot tell the difference.

    Werewolf Apperance: Typically humanoid werewolf. Dark Brown fur, pointed eyes, but has solid black eyes, retractable claws and muscular.

    Powers & Abilities

    Mark Fletcher (ghost form)

    Supernatural Ghostly Powers/Abilities:

    *Can use power at full for 10 posts, then at moderation for the least 10 posts. Takes 5 until power regenerates.*

    1) Ghost Form Transformation.

    2) Basic ghost powers: Flight, Intangibility, Invisibility, Ghost Rays, Energy Shields, Ghost Sense, Wall Walking and Supernatural Strength/Speed/Agility/Durability/Stamina, Phase Shifting and Overshadowing.

    3) Mid level ghost powers: Ghost Stinger, Ghostly Wail, Duplication, Ectoplasmic Energy Constructs and Gaseous Form.

    4) Advanced ghost powers: Ghost Portal Creation, Ectoplasmic Goop, Intangibility Fusion and

    Mark Fletcher (werewolf form)

    Werewolf Powers/Abilities:

    *Form is unstable, because Mark can barely control it. Form can only be managed for 10 posts at a time. Takes 10 to be able to transform again.*

    1) Werewolf Form Transformation, a little jarring. Eyes turns completely black.

    2) Increased strength/speed/agility/durability/stamina, sense of smell, sharpen claws, earth shattering howl and if not controlled extreme bloodlust.

    3) Once he extends his claws, he can generate dark energy with them.


    Silver (only in Werewolf form; will force Mark to use either ice or ghost powers)
    Intense Fire (ghost form; will cause Mark to stop using ice powers and only use ghost powers)
    Ectroranium (ghost from; will cause Mark to revert to human form and stop ability of ghost powers for 5 posts)

    (Yes, there is a little Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom in this profile, take it easy, geez. )
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