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    Hokay, time for me to join the fray and add in some of my stuff here... All of my stuff are for D&D 3.5. I don't play 4ed enough to try my hand at it.

    Base Classes
    The Tattooed Monk: Re-envisioned as a base class. Effectively completed, as no more updates shall be made

    Prestige Classes
    Cybernetic Gunner: PrC Contest X entry. Megaman X reincarnate? Beware the walls of text!
    Dusk Adept: A Duskblade/Sorcerer PrC.
    Sin Knight: PrC Contest XI entry. It's so full of sin it's beautiful
    Shifter Exemplar: Rawr, I transform and claw (or bite, or impale) thee! Bring on the shifter feats, you know you want 'em.

    New Heritage Feats: For those of you who like ice cream flavours other than Vanilla.
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