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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    "I know many songs. I've traveled many lands, heard many tales, learned of many things."
    "I'm older than I look..."

    Gender: Male
    Race: Green dragon. But takes human form most of the time.
    Age: Looks about 20 in human form. But is really 867 years old.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Bard
    Description: When in disguise, he is a slim male human, looking about 20 years old with a tangle of dark orange hair. He wears a red cloak. Under it he keeps a handy rapier and a fine seven-stringed lyre. His teeth are rather... Sharp. More shark-like than human. And his skin feels rather hard, not the regular soft and squishy stuff. He is also a good deal stronger than normal humans. Zanny is extremely skilled with his lyre. With a little pinch of magic, he can literally paint pictures in peoples mind.
    In his true form, he's an ancient green dragon.
    Weapons: A niffty magical rapier. And all that teeth, claws, tail spike, and corosive acid gas of a green dragon.
    Miscellaneous: He calls himself Zanil Torken in human form, but prefers to be called "Zanny". He always introduces himself with a bow and blue sparks from his lyre when a human.
    Backstory: No.
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