Name: Unspeakable in any mortal tounge, demonic, celestial, or otherwise, but most call him Grimm.
Race: Undefinable
Class: Reaper of Immortal Souls.
Description: Before you is a towering figure covered in black chitinous plates, corded red muscle filling the gaps in said plates, making up the center piece of each plate is a single eye, green where the whites should be, and amber in the iris, with a outer lining of black. He has a single tuft of brown hair sticking out from underneath the hood he wears constantly, even when the rest of his attire changes the hood is the single constant. Underneath said hood is a set of phosphurescent green eyes, different from the others in the sense that these are a single solid color, illuminated by the glow of the eyes is a horrible fanged maw, with a barbed tonuge that slithers in and out of his maw as he speaks. On his back is a massive scythe of pure green energy, a massive skull with a similar eye color to Grimm's own adorns the connection between a black steel pole, and the energy blade.

Eye of terror: If Grimms eyes focus on any creature (undead, elder evil, whatever) they will find themselves fearing as if for their lives, and be caused to panic, unless a immunity to fear or something else is present.

Eye's unseeing: Grimms eyes each see a different type of magic, these eyes see the magic as a trail, to both the item, and the creator.

Eye of Pain: If Grimm's eyes focus on anything for a signficant period of time, he may forgo the Eye of Terror, and his gaze will begin to wrack a creatures body with pain.

Eye of Death: If there is a creature who has been marked as it being "Their Time" then they will find life itself being stolen by Grimm's gaze, weakening them over time.

Hunter's Mark: If it is a creatures time, then Grimm immediately knows their general location within 500 kilo meters, he can never find a creatures EXACT location with this mark, however their direction is illuminated in a ghostly green.

He has many more, currently unknown, abilities. These will emerge over time.

Energy Scythe of the Reaper: It's the scythe of the Effigy of Immortal Death. It specializes in killing beings who cant normally be killed, and as it is immaterial it ignored armor, and various other forms of physical protection.

Cloak of disguise: Grimm wears this while not on the job, it takes many forms, but allows him to be normal size, and interact with normal people without killing them on touch.

His eye abilities can be shut down temporarily by any source of intense light, the ones on his face however, never seem to close, even for blinking.

Outsider- He can be banished from this plane of existance by a sufficently
powerful ritual, however this merely keeps him away for the next year or so before he can overcome its power.