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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Issi
    Gender: Male
    Race: Imp
    Power Rating: low
    Special Abilities: Can teleport to and from Hell
    Combat Proficiencies: Spear
    Common Knowledge: Served under Decker (Lady Dekaros) in the Blood Wars. Is very loyal to her.

    Appearance: Issi is only 2 1/2 feet (76 cm) tall


    Additional powers granted by The Hand:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fredthefighter View Post
    Issi should first find himself feeling stronger, faster, tougher and to some extent wiser (Up to roughly a 50% increase, how far it goes is your choice). (not much wisdom increase)
    Then he should find himself growing a bit (upto about twice his size, again, how big her grows is your choice) (only grew a few inches)
    He should also feel an incredible surge of energy flow through him. This should have the following effects:
    1) His existing capabilities are enhanced to up to twice their usual power. (E.g. Teleportation range is doubled, the amount of weight he could take with him doubles, the energy it takes for him to teleport halves, etc, etc)
    2) He gains minor reality altering capabilities of creation. (e.g. he can make a gun appear out of nowhere or something like that, but he couldn't conjure up an army of soldiers equipped with laser-rifles etc, etc).
    3) He gains the ability to, once per day, slow down time within a 10ft radius around him. All people seeing this from within this radius will think that Issi is moving incredibly fast. Anyone seeing this from outside this radius would see Issi moving at his normal speed and all those within the radius moving incredibly slowly. This affects certain objects entering the radius (e.g. bullets, projectiles, but not energy beams etc, etc). This ability lasts as long as Issi can maintain it, but beyond periods of 5 minutes it should require his full concentration. The ability still drains immense amounts of energy from Issi.

    Phew, that's a lot.

    There ya go kid. Enjoy.
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