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    Default [BleachITP] Ep1: "Battle for the Captaincy! Cecilia's true power?"

    This is the first "episode" thread, for things people want to do without taking up space in one of the main threads, or which take place before the current events. I mean, BleachITP technically has equal status to ACRO/The Town, so why does it need to be so bottled up?

    This thread will conclude the battle between Shirubaru Reishiro and "Cecilia", which took place shortly before the death of Yen.

    EDIT: By Zarah's request, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1KdovlP07g&fmt=18

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Zaraki View Post
    Shirubaru runs backwards away from her, just out of reach.

    Bit slower now, ain't ya? Also, your shikai seems a mite unstable, might want to get that seen to you.

    Shirubaru then shimmies to one side, his serpentine Zanpaktou swiftly uncoiling from his torso and entangling itself around Cecilia's armoured legs. He rushes past her, pulling sharply, turning as he does so to see if he has succeeded in tripping her and she has fallen to the ground.
    She collapses.
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