Blud and Tsundere She pronounces it as Sunder, though.

Gender: Blud is a male, Tsundere is a female.
Race: Blud is an ogre of the Kamigawan variety, while Tsundere is a Strongheart Halfling. Wee!
Age: Both are 28 years old, but that's middle-aged for Blud and late puberty for Tsundere.
Alignment: Both are Chaotic Evil in that Blud is actively Evil and makes no effort to be Lawful, while Tsundere is actively Chaotic and makes no effort to be Good.
Class: Blud is a necromancer/geometer/blood magus, while Tsundere is a generic spellcaster that's good at blowing things up.
Power Rating: Blud is a 6, and Tsundere is a 4.
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Blud looks like a cross between a giant horny toad and a shaven werepitbull, with deep brown skin punctuated by bone spikes. He wears a chainmail shirt and hide pants, neither of which hide the dark red tatoo patterns on his forearms. Tsundere is a typical member of her race physically, keeping her hair in loose braids. She wears a fur-lined coat, more suitable for winter climates.
Equipment and Abilities: Blud is a competent necromancer, favoring blood offerings and runic magic. He's also a conjurer of moderate skill, dealing with demons when chance calls for it and being able to travel the planes with Tsundere. Oh, and he has a cleaver the size of a motorcycle. Tsundere has a walking stick, and can throw around explosive thunderblasts like it's nobody's business, along with some speed augments and countermagic.
Backstory: Blud worked himself to death and back to become a capable spellcaster to gain power within his homeland. Then, someone who had divine mandate changed everything and he had to flee the plane. He was pursued, but then the wandering Tsundere found the conflict and provided the edge Blud needed to win the day. They've been travelling together ever since.
Miscellaneous: Tsundere is usually riding Blud piggyback, but doesn't have anything to grab to keep herself steady. Tsundere has glowing blue eyes that let her see magic, and Blud has a tiny construct resembling a beetle-person that she often plays with while riding.