The Foot

Gender: Genderless.
Race: Force of Law
Age: 3999.9 years old
Alignment: Pure Law
Class: Wizard I guess.
Power Rating: 9 when facing The Hand, mostly about 4 or 5 ish.
Description: He is a average height humanoid with no discernible gender. It is bald and most definetly slightly glowing.
Equipment and Abilities: Ability to warp reality at will, much like the Hand. No current equipment. Ability to negate all and any power or item created by the Hand by explaining it scientifically.
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The Foot was born moments after the Hand to counterbalance the powerful force. It is mostly in the form of an artifact, although lately it has manifested without a host, hence the genderless part.
Miscellaneous: It doesn't actually look like a Foot.