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    Default Re: [BleachitP] Ep 2: Yen's Funeral! The Sadness, the Determination.

    I'm kinda winging it on Soul Society customs here, but everybody play along. ;)

    Kenji stood near the front of the assembled crowd, looking at the picture of Yen and the black, elongated metal bowl that sat in front of it. The pan was two or three feet wide, and four or five long, and was currently empty.

    Kenji walked forward to the front, reaching into the folds of his Shihakshou as he did so. When he got to the front, he produced an old picture, black and white as most pictures in Soul Society are, and paused to look at it. In the picture 3rd Seat Yen held his arm around Kenji's neck, holding up two fingers and smiling big for the camera, ignoring the fact that he was a little bit choking the young new addition to his Squad. Even through the gasping for air, Kenji still couldn't hide a smile of his own, and the camera preserved the moment forever.

    Kenji choked down a tear, and placed the picture into the metal bowl. Then he turned to the wooden stand beside it, poured a sakazuki of Sake, and lifted it to his lips. "You always wanted me to try Sake, but I couldn't stand the smell." He smiled, then forced himself to choke the liquid down, smiling through watery eyes as he turned away.

    Someone else stood up, 6th Seat Miyoshi Kiyoko, and moved forward to the front, this one holding an Origami flower, painted with black ink before it was folded so that the stem and the flower's bud formed an intricate pattern. She put the paper creation in the black trough, poured herself a sakazuki of sake, and swallowed it, keeping almost as much control over her tears as Kenji did. She turned away, and walked shakily up to Kenji. He waited a moment, and then put his arms around her, which was when she could hold it in no longer. The two stood there together for a while, as more people filed through, each dropping something that reminded them of Yen into the black metal trough. Pictures; Coins; small wooden figures; and many, many flowers of every color and shape. A small pile of trinkets accumulate as people file past. Each took a sakazuki of Sake, and then moved off to the side.

    Everybody who wants to, feel free to walk through and put a small item, or, if you didn't know Kenji very well, a Flower into the Trough.

    People from 4th Division are replacing the Sake bottles when they run out. Also, a "sakazuki" refers to a wide Sake cup;
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