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"Get OFF of me!" Orange reiatsu blasts forth from her entire body, knocking Shiru back.

As the two fighters face each other again, Cecilia charges. Again she performs a reiatsu-boosted leap. However, this time she blurs into shunpo, vanishing. Shirubaru hears a whoosh behind his head...

Her attack pattern hadn't varied much - this is what he was expecting. He starts to turn around to meet her and-

...followed by another in front of him. Her zanpakuto slashes diagonally upwards, cutting deeply into Shirubaru's side.

Shirubaru's Zanpaktou coils itself around the blade buried in his side, the snake-head arching towards Cecilia. He coughs up a little spurt of blood, and then laughs quietly.

Tough break, kid, because that was a bad move.


With a whoosh of suddenly-displaced air and a noise like an express train screaming through a tunnel, the snake instantly and without warning increases in size to about four hundred feet long, the Zanpaktou now lost within its immense coils. Cecilia is knocked away from her sword, and the snake rears towards her, growing around its head a massive 'hood' of spikes. The spikes are fired all at once like missiles, a deadly copper swarm, crashing down on Cecilia and on ten feet around her in every direction in a deadly precise rain of blades.

Shirubaru calmly waits for the dust to clear. He is nestled deep within the protective barrier of his massive serpent's metal coils.

{{If Cecilia is still standing after this, she has a surprise in store for her.}}