Finoch Decano

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 25
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Rogue
Power: Not sure, not the most effective fighter but he is very tricksy and hard to hit!
Description: Always wears purple, shaggy brown hair and always tries to keep his face covered up.
Allegiences: AMEN (Well, he joined them a while back but then kind of dropped of the scene for a while, hopefully they will take him back)
Equpment and Abilities: Has a large number of throwing knives and daggers hidden about his person. Quite a few have some nifty enchantments. As for abilities his speed is his ally. Mostly through fights he uses quick dodges and parries to frustate opponents.
Backstory: Before coming to Acronymia Fin was a minor noble in far off land, by day at least! Sadly for Fin his addiction to the thrill of stealing eventually caused him to bring great shame upon his family and his father had him banished. Despite his often cocky nature and wolfish behaviour with the ladies Fin has never forgotten the shame he brought his family and a ssuch keeps his face hidden behind his mask.