Name: Veb / The White King
Gender: Male
Race: Was human, now lich
Age: 187
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Wizard
Power Rating: 6
Description: As Veb: An old man, with messed up white hair, in white clothes. He usually babbles about whatever is around him, occasionally asking for a paper fan.
As The White King: A skeleton, wearing white armored robes. For eyes, a pair of fierily white dots. On his head is a crown of white gold, and in one of his hands, a paper fan.
Abilites: As Veb, only those of a normal old man, but still keeping the immunities of a lich.
As The White King: the powers of a high leveled wizard, and those of a lich are his, with a few exceptions: He canít teleport, either on his own power or someone elseís, He can only fly for very short periods of time.
Equipment: As Veb: Whatever is given to him, plus his clothes.
As The White King: Very powerful defensive robes, and the crown mentioned earlier. He also has a phylactery, which he does not keep with him.
Backstory: Veb was a wizard, who as he grew older, became more and more obsessed with chess, until he started seeing the world as a giant game of chess. He turned himself into a lich, and began making his mad view of the world a reality. He was stopped, and since the group of adventures couldnít figure out of to get of him for good, they decided to lock away his powers and most of his memory, with the condition that if he was holding a paper fan, he would have them back. Ved unconsciously knows this, which is why he sometimes asks for a paper fan. Unfortunately, the processes of the sealing sent Ved to the Acroverse, where no knows about his madness. While as Ved, heís mostly harmless, but as The White King, he will stop at nothing to make the world a giant game of chess.