Lord of Kobolds

Gender: Male
Race: Kobold
Age: Latest incarnation is 25
Alignment: LE
Class: Sorceror
Power Rating: Normally 7, but can boost up to a 9 for short periods if necessary.
Affiliation: Founder and leader of BOSS
Appearance: Usually looks like a regular orange kobold, but can grow larger, with wings, horns, and claws.
Equipment: Several custom made artifacts (made by Kurtulmak and Tiamat), which boost stats and empower allies. Some gems containing the essence of a few demigods captured by an epic trap the soul. Badass crown.
Powers: Normally an extremely epic sorceror, LoK can occasionally directly channel the power of Kurtulmak. When he does so, he can use both epic arcane and divine spells. He is also highly adept at creating custom epic spells.
Common Knowledge: LoK is the Chosen Kobold, an entity blessed by Kurtulmak, who is reborn every 62 years. The founder and leader of BOSS, LoK has forged alliances with multiple powerful evil entities. He devotes most of his time to furthering the cause of BOSS, but will always make time to battle his nemesis, Recaiden.