I'm going to record this story for future telling:

So there's this guy who was in my group. A huge jerk. Nobody liked him. Anyway, he butted heads with everyone, but one guy in particular really made him lose it. So one time, he was talking to this mail carrier guy who had just delivered us a giant pile of explosive runes. He said to the guy "Hey man, let me buy you a drank." Or something like that. Player that he butts heads with asks "hey man, how come all your characters buy people drinks?" Not the most polite thing to say, but this guy flies off and yells at him "BECAUSE MY CHARACTERS ARE NICE, AND DECENT, UNLIKE YOUR CHARACTERS! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO IN THIS SITUATION, SO JUST SWING YOUR SWORD AND LEAVE THE MAGIC TO ME." Now knowing the fact that this guy was playing a half kython wizard/sorceror/ultimate magus and my friend was playing a psychic warrior with a psion cohort, that exchange was really hilarious. My friend points this out. He gets even more angry and finally yells "You know what, make a will save"

Shocked, my friend is like: "What?"
"Make a will save"
"Dude, really, come on. This is really stupid"
"Make a Will save."
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
"FINE!" *Rolls* success.
"Okay, I made it, what happens to me?"
"You take 1 point of int and charisma damage. You'll get it back at the end of the day." * (FYI not a real spell)
"Okay, make a will save."
"Make a will save"
"Oh come on, man, it's just one point!"
"No, come on, man, make a will save"
"Okay." *rolls, fails. FYI dude, if you're cheating, the time to cheat would've been now.*
"Okay what happens"
"You take 12 charisma damage"
"I still have 4 left" (He actually didn't, he had only 12 to start. Which was weird for a sorceror/wizard/ultimate magus *snicker*)

Then the sword came out and the sparks flew and long story short he don't wanna play no more, and he stormed off ranting about how we were *******s.