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    Default Re: [Bleachitp] Episode 14: What did YOU do in the Timeskip?

    Siegfried turns over Toshiko to Daisuke, though he tries to convince him of the purity of Toshiko's motives, and offers to serve as a character witness during the trial.

    He is informed that his first mission in the Mortal World has become irrelevant, and is not given a new mission immediately. Rather than spend his new free time reading, he splits it between training with his bankai and improving his close-quarters combat. Both the 2nd division Captain and the Corps Commander of the Detention Unit are frequently asked for spars, regardless of how many broken bones he winds up with initially.

    He is pushing himself to insure that the deaths of Yen, Tatskete, and all the murdered unseated officers that he knew will not be followed without a fight.

    In moments where he's too exhausted to continue training, he can often be found in a small bookstore in the Second District, chatting with an old friend.
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