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    Default Re: Snuggles and the 'Cat Pantheon' [Requires aid]

    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgondantess View Post
    Well, as for pie, we all know that pie is the awesomest, most delicious thing ever ever. So, if the good cat is an embodiment of all that is good, it would definitely be at least 72% pie.
    Indeed. Good Cat does have a historical ascociation
    with pie as is revealed in the holy texts and nursery rhymes. I also forgot to mention that she can smell hate.

    As for making things up as I go along. his is simply not true. I cannot however spend all my time educating you on the cat pantheon. I have work to do after all. I will however accept requests on which order you would like the CatGods to be revealed.

    For now, I shall do Couggles.

    Symbol: A legal document that has been shredded by cat claws.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gender: Male
    Portfolio: Energy, randomness, non-conformity, flightiness, mind changing, oppertunism, the tendancy of cats to ask you for something and then change their minds after you give it to them.
    Worshipers: Anarchists, gamblers, rogues, anyone who refuses to plan ahead
    Cleric Alignments: Any Chaotic or any that he decided on a whim to accept as one of his representatives.
    Domains: Animal, Cat, Celerity, Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Trickery
    Favored Weapon: Bite (his teeth are anarchic)
    Titles: The Eminence of Neutral Chaos, The One True Lord of Cats, The True Representative of Cathood, He Whom is Pure Feline Chaos, any other elaborate title that he decides to have that day.
    Description: Couggles the master of feline chaos appears differently every time he is met. He hates the fact that as a member of the Cat pantheon he has to wear a collar of true resurection as his uniform and keeps moving it to a different part of his body. His left eye is the Cateye of Deception and casts all illusions other than those from the shadow subschool at will as spell-like abilities and his right eye is the Cateye of Change and casts all transmutation spells at will as spell-like abilities. He has a breath-weapon that does a random type of energy damage. He also has the ability to smell weariness. Couggles is an energetic playful, attention-seeker that demands all to realise how cute and cool he is. He also likes being fed tuna, his favourite food. Couggles is a rather unreliable individual whom switches allegiance at his own conveniance usually to fight someone whom happens to be irritating him at the time. He also finds stupidity annoying.

    EDIT: Uhluhtc shall be added to the Yarn Thrones!