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    Here is the full Pie Domain.

    Pie Domain

    You cast spells with the food or drink descriptor at +1 caster level

    Pie Domain Spells

    1. Purify Food and Drink: (Desserts and after-dinner drinks only)
    2. Goodberry
    3. Bless Pie: (pies only) creates a holy pie which acts like holy water (i.e. a direct hit by a holy pie deals 2d4 points of damage to an undead creature or an evil outsider) and those creatures have a -1 morale penalty to attack on the following round.
    4. Create Food and Water (Desserts and tea or coffee only)
    5. Spiritual Pie: a pie made of pure force springs into action, and acts on its own dealing 1d2 points of bludgeoning damage when it hits. Creatures hit with a pie attack at the next round with a -1 morale penalty for looking silly.
    6. Locate Pie: You can sense the direction of a pie like locate object.
    7. Animate Pie: You imbue inanimate pies with mobility and a semblance of life. Each animated pie then immediately attacks whomever or whatever you initially designate as though it were an animated object of the appropriate size category.
    8. Hero’s Feast (Desserts Only).
    9. Symbol of Pi: This mystical rune causes all creatures of 10 HD or less within 60 feet of the symbol of pi to calculate the mathematical formula for 3d6x10 minutes*

    *Either that or you can use Symbol of Pie: the mystical rune causes all creatures of 10 HD or less within 60 feet of the symbol of pie to search for all the ingredients with which to bake a pie for 3d6x10 minutes.

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