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No, it's not balanced. Tiny races are a no-no. So is the massive stat adjustments, even with a net of +0. Even with the "no-hands" thing, that just pigeonholes it, so that it'll be really good for some classes and terrible for others. It isn't worthy of LA, though. In the end, not a PC race.
Not sure if i agree with that assessment. The biggest issue I've seen with tiny races is that while they would be somewhat balanced as far as melee classes are concerned (due to the lack of reach, and strength penalty), they are to powerful for casters. However the inability to use spells with verbal or somatic components mostly removes the advantage casters would have. As for the large stat adjustments, I went off what I thought was standard for if a medium race was shrunk to tiny size (as far as the Str and Dex are concerned). Also, the "no hands" doesn't seem to pigeonhole it. I can't think of any class that benefits from the no hands or is better off than the others when lacking hands (except maybe psyonics, but I'm not particularly familiar with them). After all, melee classes can't use weapons, casters can't use spells with somatic components, and skill monkeys can't use some of the more useful skills they have.

I think that a cat race could be balanced to play as. I just am not sure of some of the more specific balance.