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    Default Re: Snuggles and the 'Cat Pantheon' [Requires aid]

    All right, as there are no requests so far, I'll do Lionddles.

    Symbol: Black mane with crown above it.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Gender: Male
    Portfolio: Authority, order, pride (both meanings), law, heirarchy, the superiority of cats over other species.
    Worshipers: Judges, rulers, lawful organisations, all who wish to emulate the pride.
    Cleric Alignments: Lawful individuals whom have completed the necessary forms and buerocratic procedures.
    Domains: Animal, Cat, City, Community, Destiny, Domination, Fate, Law, Nobility, Oracle, Pact, Planning
    Favored Weapon: Quaterstaff (His cold iron staff of rulership with which he shall crush rebels
    Titles: His Awesomeness, Lord of the Pride, His Mightiness, Grand High Ruler of All He Sees, The Maned One, etc.
    Description: Lionddles appears as an axiomatic brown cat with a mane of black hair that does not contain a single strand out of place. He goes everywhere with at least a pair of servants who fan him and carry his crown and staff. He has placed diamond studs around his collar of True Ressurection. He is an arrogant individual whom expects all to conform to his wishes. However, he is a fair lord, wishing for all to have a place in the kingdom of cats. His right eye is the Cateye of Rulership and casts all enchantment spells at will as spell-like abilities and his left eye is the Cateye of Control which casts a version of telekinesis with no cap at 120th level as a spell-like ability at will. He can also roar which does sonic damage and causes fear and deafness.

    EDIT: and as said earlier, thanks for the Pie domain.