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Thread: The SilverClawShift Campaign Archives

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    To the great joy of many, SilverClawShift started another campaign journal, this one in a completely new (and very interesting) setting.

    As I've run out of space to simply edit and post SCS' writings onto the first page as I've been doing so far, I will instead post the writings at the end of the thread, where normal posts go, and provide a link to that post in this last first page post.

    The Third Tale

    Update 1: Introductions, Setting notes

    Update 2: Beginnings, and a little swordplay

    Update 3: Jobs, and a little rat infestation

    Update 4: A dragon, and a little toll dispute

    Update 5: Blood bars, and a little...uh, nothing, really

    Update 6: Zombies, and a little bloodletting

    Update 7: An audience, and a little pranking

    Update 8 : A twist, and a little chase
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