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    Default Re: Snuggles and the 'Cat Pantheon' [Requires aid]

    As I still haven't received any requests I shall reveal to you the dread of the Dark Queen Pantheggles!

    Symbol: A cat's shadow with red glowing eyes
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Gender: Female
    Portfolio: Nekocatsy, magic, pain, fear, undead, rodents, plagues, disease, filth, despair, negative energy
    Worshipers: Undead, nihilists, sadists, masochists, those whom consider their lifetime to be to short to serve cats
    Cleric Alignments: Any Evil
    Domains: Animal, Cat, Death, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Pestilence
    Favored Weapon: Bite (her teeth count as unholy and poisoned)
    Titles: The Dark Queen, Mistress of Nekocatsy, The Plague Bearer, Bringer of Fleas, Harbringer of Ticks, Lady of the Undead Rodent Army, Mistress of Despair, Queen of Negative Energy, Black Death
    Description: Pantheggles appears as a black cat with red eyes. Her left eye act as a symbol of pain and her right eye as a symbol of fear. The area around her is considered unhallowed and negative-dominant. Her breath does negative-energy damage and her fur releases disease and parasites. No healing magic works near her and allnear her risk disease even if she does not wish to fight. She is considered incorporeal when it suits her. She likes to hunt, kill her prey, take a couple of bites out of it and create undead from the remains. She is the creater of undead, the first of which were rodents (most of hers still are). As such, she is considered the Mistress of Nekocatsy. Ofcourse the schools name has been altered by the humanoids. They replaced "cat" with "man", added an "r" and changed the spelling and pronounciation. She can smell joy and loves to spread misery, disease and death.

    Incidently, I see that I left out a couple of details on previous CatGods. Bengal Tigger can breathe black tulips as the spell rain of black tulips and smell hate and Lionddles can smell indecision.

    edit: is now orc. now hates former self for short, bearded individual he was. must crush former self under cry of waaaaagh!