Seeing as though this thread has somehow fallen to the second page, I shall now revive it with information on Siberian Tigger

Siberian Tigger
Symbol: Cat tail dripping blood
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Female
Portfolio: Slavery, tyrrany, the working of the lessor races to death to glorify cats as superior beings
Worshipers: Slavers, evil employers, fascist governments, narcissists
Cleric Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil and a small minority of Lawful Neutral
Domains: Animal, Cat, Cold, Death, Destruction, Domination, Evil, Fire, Hatred, Law, Tyrant, Weather
Favored Weapon: Her tail (which is considered an unholy axiomatic vicious whip
Titles: Queen of the Slavers, Mistress of Tyranny, Grand High Duchess of Cat Superiority
Description: Siberian Tigger normally appears as a skinny siamese cat. However, in titanic form she is muscular and orange with black stripes. Her right eye can cast geas as a spell-like ability at will and her left eye can cast wrack as a spell-like ability at will. Her unusually long and thin tail is used to whip her many slaves into submission and she breathes hellfire. Siberian Tigger is very vain forcing slaves to do all her work and build monuments in her image or to her glory. She believes that all other cats should follow her example in this. She has absolute control of the tempurature in her surroundings and her footprints either freeze or catch fire. When in a bad mood, she turns the surroundings into a barren desert of nothing but sand or a frozen wasteland.