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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Mr. Mud

    Name: Mr. Mud
    Race: Shapeshifter, although almost always in human form.
    Class: Also Unknown. Shapeshifter/Wizard/God Killer
    Alignment: Sarcastic Neutral
    Age: Unknown. As old as, if not older than, the realm. Usually appears as a gruff looking 40 year old.
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 245

    Background: Mr. Mud seems to have just shown up, very nostalgically, on one stormy night. He has no home, and no possessions other than what he carries with him. He's a grumpy old man, that always has a sarcastic comment, with a bit of insight...

    Abilities: Mr. Mud seems to be something from out of any of the Omniverses near us. He can shapeshift at will, and understands almost all languages... He can cast magical cantrips, and a variety of other spells. He seems to have knowledge of Gods, and ancient history...

    Equipment: Mud carries a staff around with him, and although it looks ordinary, up close one can see the intricacies, of the levers and gizzmos on it. He has a long cloak, that drags behind him as he walks. Inside, he keeps 15 throwing daggers, and a sword breaker. He wears impromptu leather bracers, and fingerless gloves.

    Appearance: Dark brown, penetrating eyes, and short raspy dark brown and grey hair. Has a perma-5 o'clock shadow, and usually seems strikingly alert. As if he's waiting... for something to come for him.

    Power Level: 10-11+. But don't worry, he's all bark; no bite.
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