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I dunno, I think it's likely that The Scruffinator is merely some sort of Neutral cat god, who (as Gorgondantess pointed out) just isn't interested in anything other than scoring some sweet mackerel and shredding some spellcasting faces.

War domain, for starters... what else...
Favored Weapon: Claw?
It is indeed possible. While he is obviously holding back his power it may be that he is holding back far more than I believed. If this is true, someone whom has seen though his disguise should write him up. I can't do everything by myself you know.

In the meantime, here is Wuggles.

Symbol: A cat clawing at a tree
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Female
Portfolio: Tolerance, acceptance, nature, understanding, trying new things, being true to ones nature, multiple veiwpoints
Worshipers: Druids, barbarians, totemists, people with a live and let live attitude, philosophers
Cleric Alignments: Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral
Domains: Animal, Cat, Mind, Oracle, Plant, Protection, Travel, Weather
Favored Weapon: Claws
Titles: The Truest of Cats, Queen of Cat Dominion, Mistress of Felinekind
Description: Wuggles appears as a brown cat with a green left eye that casts baleful polymorph at will as a spell-like ability and a yellow right eye that casts confusion at will as a spell-like ability. She can smell stubborness and can breath sleep-gas. She teaches that all must be true to their nature and to never dismiss another. In fact, she encourages others to try to experiance life the way others do in order to fully realise what ones true nature is. She also teaches that all have a purpose in their true nature and as such, none must try to change another. She hunts when she feels like it and eats whatever she catches for that is the way that was meant to be.