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    Default Re: Snuggles and the 'Cat Pantheon' [Requires aid]

    I'm also glad that the Schrodinger domain is getting done. I thought that I might have to do it. I agree that the divine ranks of the Cat Gods will be high but it is beyond my ability to stat them out as I own neither the 3rd ed version of Deities and Demigods nor the Immortals Hanbook. It would make me very happy though if someone was to stat them up. I''ve added a discription for completeness below but I must warn you that the following individuals are beyond humanoid comprehension, especially sane humanoid comprehension. I've done my best with the little I understand but others (especially servants of Primordial Eldar Cat would know more.

    Primordial Elder Cat
    Symbol: Tangled yarn of various colours
    Alignment: Chaotic Chaos
    Gender: Vaarsuvius?
    Portfolio: Chaos, creation, destruction, fate, inevitability, oblivion (probably in need of correction and additions)
    Worshipers: fatalists, nihilists, the desperate, philosophers, chaotic individuals (probably in need of correction and additions)
    Cleric Alignments: Chaotic
    Domains: Animal, Cat, Chaos, Creation, Death, Destiny, Destruction, Dream, Fate, Madness, Wrath (Needs correction)
    Favored Weapon: Unknown (it appears that his method of killing is to simply decide that the individual in question no longer exists) (Needs correction)
    Titles: Unknown (Needs correction)
    Description: Primordial Eldar Cat is considered to be the cat that all the multiverse depends upon. The cat that sustains creation simply by paying attention to it that will one day move destroying everything and creating an entirely new set of planes. More details are undoubtably known by its cult yet few are brave enough to read or listen to such information. (Needs correction)

    Symbol: A cat's face with glowing yellow eyes
    Alignment: All
    Gender: Male/female/hermaphrodite/asexual/a/alpha/black hole/Vaarsuvius/F+/F-/Hfr/+/-/F'/pin/thrum/golden delicious etc.
    Portfolio: Everything that cats have dominion over. ie. everything
    Worshipers: Those who don't realize its really just Snuggles when he isn't pretending to also be all the rest of the cat pantheon. All who've realised the superiority of catkind.
    Cleric Alignments: Any
    Domains: All offered by any CatGod.
    Favored Weapon: Kick
    Titles: None. There is only CAT and that is all that will do CAT justice.
    Description: CAT appears as a black and white cat with yellow, glowing eyes. CAT has all the combined added and synergised powers of the entire cat pantheon. CAT has all alignments and is always treated as the alignment most conveniant to CAT. Pronouns are never used when reffering to CAT as they do not allow CAT'S awesomeness to be expressed. CAT is not likely to be encountered as CAT usually spends CAT'S time spit up into the cat pantheon. Little else is known or understood about CAT as the times that CAT has displayed CATSELF to humanity are rare and leave few witnesses.