I rechecked the holy original thread and Snuggles officially has a divine rank of 25. His siblings are considered to have a similar level of power yet him and Good Cat are reffered to as the "greatest and most unknowable", suggesting that Good Cat also has a Divine Rank of 25 and that their siblings have divine ranks of probably 23-25. I'm sure that the worshipers of Primordial Elder Cat would say that it has an even higher divine rank as it is basically an abstract cosmic entity. CAT would have an even higher divine rank as CAT is made of the essences of the other CatGods and is beyond comprehension. Giving CAT your kitty domains (obviously CAT would have them) gives CAT a divine rank of 54 just from domains and ignoring all of CAT'S other powers.

Incidently I'm not an artist so I can't help in that respect yet I would also llove to see their holy symbols drawn.