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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Jinura CicÚro. No one really knows his last name, he keeps giving different ones when he does give one.

    Hair: Beatles-ish like hair, however longer ( I dunno how to describe as anything different ) light brown hair.

    Age: Very young, 16-20 would you guess.

    Class: Wizard-fighter-bard something like that.

    Power rating: 2-3

    Equipment: Carries a medium lenght one handed sword at his side, wears some decent clothes with a leather armor of a kind on his chest, including the obligatory cool looking brown leather gloves. Carries a guitar which he plays mostly when he is alone. Sometimes seen carrying a small ragged leather book.

    Backstory: Left his home town for some reason which no one is sure of.

    Misc: Can be very hostile against people cheating on their husbands/wifes.
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