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    Come Meet Thy Maker!
    Name: Captain Osmodias
    Class (Or profession): Cleric/Paladin, Sailor
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Race: Human, with small amounts of Giant
    Power Rating: 3 or 4
    Age: 23
    Description: Tall, strong, and dark, Omosdias is handsome. But, like all humans, he has blemishes and scars. Most noticeably, a scar tracing across his back. He has curly brown hair, and his eyes are deep, emerald pools. His tan body and rugged features suggest a lifetime of work. He smells of the sea, and his hair looks windblown.
    Equipment: He carries a heavy, golden trident, and wears mail armor. Besides that, he carries a dagger. He has a net and a razor-sharp boomerang.
    Abilities: Paladin and Cleric abilities. Manipulation of water and the sea, from his god, Aquarios.
    Backstory: To Be Announced.
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