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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Darnell Walterson

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 25

    Alignment: Lawful Good, but he won't believe you when you tell him

    Class (or approximation): Fast Hero 1/Smart Hero 3/Dedicated Hero 3/Acolyte 4/Tracer 4

    Power Rating: 5

    Description: Darnell stands at 5'7" tall, has Hazel eyes and Brown hair. He genarally wears casual clothing and a long coat, forming the typical image of a Film Noir detective Hero.

    Equipment and Abilities: He has deductive abilities, and is also rather good at finding who you want him to find. He is a good shot with his plasma pistol, and also has a device that projects a HUD onto his vision by fiddling around with his optic nerve. Yes, it comes with a motion tracker, as well as being connected to the Video Scope of the pistol. As a result, he is very hard to get the drop on. Given that he can tell if you move. He also has the ability to cast Divine Spells from Librion, including making water, minor to light healing, and other stuff.

    Backstory: ...not really determined yet. I'll just say that he doesn't like the sort of thing that he has to do.
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