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    Default Re: Episode thread (Bleach itp) The Ultimate Battle, Darkness englufs the land!

    Quote Originally Posted by horngeek View Post
    The common saying in the Rukon is that they are scared of the light. I believe that that origionated from a battle between me and a Adjuchas that intruded.

    He points the blade at Harubo. Shinya.

    The glow suddenly turns into a beam that shoots towards Harubo, fitting it's name of "Divine Arrow"
    He holds out the gauntlet, a impossibly dense curvature of shadow causing the light to play out around him in what on lookers would call a beautiful cascade of light as Harubo said.
    "No, Were I come from. They say that the brighter the light."

    Then in what seemed to be a bizzare act of improabablity, all the light that had cascaded into the area around Harubo formed a corona around his fist, a thrumming of power as the energy disspated, the darkness deepening around him to where he can barely be seen sans for the tell tale movement of his stony maw.

    "The darker the shadow."
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