Ogritorv "Bonecrusha" Haskeer
Gender: Male
Race: Orc, and proud of it.
Alignment: Neutral
Class (or approximation): Wandering Warrior
Power Level: 5

7ft tall. 210lbs of pure green-skinned muscle. A scar runs across his right eye and there is a small chunk missing from his left ear.
Abilities: Ogritorv isn't called Bonecrusha for no reason, his physical strength and stamina are phenomenol, but his size and muscle disguise a startling speed in combat and a deadly cunning. Ogritorv is a master of both the intricacies of swordplay and a seasoned veteran of brawling and the berserker rage his people have called their own. He also has minor healing abilities.
Equipment: Ogritorv never goes anywhere without his armor, which often inspires fear and respect in the cowardly and weak-willed nearby. Ogritorv wields a massive flaming broadsword in each hand with dexterous precision.