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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name:Terrowin of Xela's Howe
    Race: Human
    Age: 24, but usually claims to be 48 in an attempt to convert people to his faith
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class (or approximation): Cleric
    Power Rating (optional): 4
    He wears a coat with a lot of pockets in, with a suit of armour made of the carapace of an ankheg underneath. Also a bandoleer with lots of jars. Has brown hair, green eyes and is sort of ok looking. Has a silver amulet of a two-tailed scorpion around his neck. There is a red cloak that boosts his acting slightly on his back until he gets another.
    Equipment: Caster's Sheild, Morningstar of Good Outsider's Bane, several potions, a ring of spell storing, some scrolls and a bag of holding. Also a lightbulb on a stick.
    Abilities: Spell casting as level 10 cleric, Rebuke Undead, talk to animals once a day
    Backstory: His world was destroyed whilst he was visiting Dalachrech in the Abyss
    Miscellaneous: He's the high preist of a demon lord of vermin

    Race: Quasit
    Age: Unknown; he's forgotten
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class (or approximation): Rogue, maybe
    Power Rating (optional): 1 or 2
    He has a fly-like head, scorpion tail, four dragonfly wings and chitin-encased arms and legs. His exoskeleton is purple.
    Abilities: Alternate Form, poison sting, detect good, detect magic, invisibility, cause fear, commune.
    Backstory: He serves Terrowin as a messenger, companion and bodyguard
    Miscellaneous: He's a coward.
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