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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Alternate Names: See below
    Species: Varies
    Gender: Female
    Age: Over two hundred years
    Power Source: Multiple Sorceries
    Moral Indicator: Tainted
    Other: Aspected (possesses multiple bodies)

    Description: Harmony is a multi-bodied and minded entity. It is similar to what one would think of as a hive-mind, but has more intricacy than that.
    Therefore, she has a number of bodies. Most of them share a few characteristics- facial similarities, along with trademark softly glowing green eyes.

    Possessions of Note: None so far.

    Here are more in depth descriptions of each aspect (any omitted information is identical to that displayed above).

    Twice-Made Mistress of Harmony
    Species: Human
    Power Source: Infernal Exaltation- powering Infernal Sorcery

    Description: Twice-Made is a tall, slender woman with a queenly and imperial air to her, regal and made with golden splendor. Her appearance is such that it is easy to mistake her for an avatar of a goddess or spirit, if not some sort of magical noble.

    Twice-Made is the original aspect of the group, and is the most powerful of them.

    Glorious Harmony
    Species: God-Blooded
    Power Source: Solar Sorcery

    Description: Glorious is the aspect that appears most similar to Twice-Made. She is somewhat shorter and less obviously powerful, and possesses shimmering, golden hair.

    Tranquil Harmony
    Species: Ghost-Blooded
    Power Source: Necromancy

    Description: Tranquil is identical to Glorious except in coloring. Where Glorious is light, Tranquil is dark. She has pale silver skin and jet black hair.

    Tranquil has a sub-aspect, Sibyl.

    (More to come)
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