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    Libra Davies
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Undead (Regenerator)
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class (or approximation): Newbie sorceress.

    Corpse-grey skin. Golden-blonde hair. Yellow eyes that glow in the dark. Slim and rather pretty, despite the undeadness.
    Wears jeans, sneakers, and a blue summer top. She has a tattoo of a blue rose on her shoulder.

    Equipment and Abilities: Wears a silver locket. This locket is a Harker Equalizer, which negates such effects as "undead, thus cannot enter holy places". She can still be Turned, though.
    As a Regenerator, Libra is capable of maintaining the integrity of her undead flesh. She does not decompose, and can regenerate lost bits by eating an equivalent measure of food, thus gaining the energy to regenerate.
    She is an inexperienced sorceress as well.
    Bits of her that drop of can also be reattached; after losing a piece of herself, she experiences a brief loss of coordination. Large losses, such as a major limb, result in deliriousness. Mild loss of sanity would accompany decapitation.

    Backstory: Of all the dead people to pick to test their new breed of undeadness on, the New Necromancers picked Libra---bright, cheery, and unable to be weighed down even by her undeadness.
    She was once a suburb girl living an average life... until a fatal instance of electrocution stopped her heart. Then she was a suburb girl dying an average death.
    Then came the New Necros.

    Libra is friendly and cheerful, though she can be a bit nervous at times.

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