Gender: Female
Race: . . . mostly celestial? Other than that, she doesn't even know.
Age: About 80-something. Looks about 20.
Alignment: Ranges from CG to LG.
Class: Ehhh . . . . Former Knight/Cleric. She's now . . . eh, no one knows.
Description: She's about 6'1", bright red hair, solid gold eyes, silvery skin, large, white angel wings, and is very pretty. What celestial isn't?
Equipment: Not much. Usually a pistol, and whatever she's wearing.
Abilities: A very high Spell Resistance, Regeneration, and she can create and control purple plasma. Sort of.
Backstory: Too much to list here. Sorry.

(I'll edit this more when I'm not tired. I just had to put this up now before I forget.)