I agree with Astral on The Power of Leverage, as it's too feat restrictive to be a straight stat replacement. I'd reduce the requirements either way, as it may seem fine in a gestalt game but it's way underpowered for what it otherwise gives. I'd require Intuitive Attack and your choice of Improved Grapple, Disarm or Trip to have Wis replace Str and then have a second feat with higher restrictions to add Wis to Str for those, probably either 1 or both of the other feats you don't have and obviously a higher Wisdom.

Speaking of, I don't believe you meant to write Wisdom +20, as that's a Wisdom of 50, which is a bit steep. I'd recommend Wisdom 19 for The Power and Wisdom 21 for The Touch (bad song reference, I know . Couldn't help myself. )

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.