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    Default Re: Two feats: Feet Attacks and Wis to Grapple

    Feet of Fury (Fighter)
    At some point, you realized that the claws on your feet are just as sharp as those on your hands. Through extensive martial training, you have learned to strike with your feet as readily as with any weapon.
    Prerequisites: Balance 10 Ranks, BAB +10, one or more limbs that are not normally listed as capable of claw attacks (four-legged bear that only gets two claw attacks)
    Benefits: While making a full attack, you may make an additional two claw attacks by kicking with your feet at a -5 penalty.

    A fighter may take this as her bonus feat.

    The Power of Leverage (TM) (Fighter)
    Prerequisites: Wisdom 20, Intuitive attack
    Benefits: Add your Wisdom modifier instead of your Strength modifier to Grapple, Trip, and Disarm attacks.

    A fighter may take this as her bonus feat.
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