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    Manveru Atani
    (these details are non dnd, unless stated otherwise)
    Race:Half-light elemental
    Alignment (dnd):Lawful Good
    Class: Illumancer (Light Magic Wizard)

    Description: Manveru's skin is a whitish gold color, giving off a faint glow, although he can alter his appearance to appear more human, thus making himself less conspicuous. He is tall, with short gray hair.

    Equipment and abilities: Manveru wears a dark purple hooded robe, to offset his skin. He carries a staff made of Ivorywood, a magical white wood. Manveru, being a master Illumancer, is skilled with light magic. He also has reasonable skills in healing, although it is not his specialty. Being part Light Elemental, he is capable of hovering for short periods of time.

    Manveru was born to a human mother and a light elemental father. Manveru was an outcast in his youth, due to his strange appearance, which he had not yet learned to mask. He did, however, manage to make one friend. His friend, named Talen Alskir, was part fire elemental, thus giving them a common ground. Talen was Manveru's closest friend for twelve years. Unfortunately, Talen's father was extremely xenophobic, particularly towards other elementals, and when he discovered Talen's friendship with Atani, he became furious.
    He disowned his son, and sent a powerful dark elemental after Talen. Talen's life was in danger. Eventually, Talen hid with Manveru's family. Manveru's father battled the dark elemental, but he could not defeat him, and Talen was killed. Manveru was devastated.
    He sought revenge on Talen's father. For five years, Manveru hunted the fire elemental. Finally, one dark night, They battled. Manveru gained the upper hand.
    As he was poised for the killing stroke, Talen appeared, as a ghost. Talen told Manveru to forgive Talen's father, and leave. Manveru realized what he had almost done, and left. For months, he wandered, burdened with guilt. Manveru eventually became a mmber of the Illumancer's Guild.
    Over time, he healed, and sought forgiveness from Talen for his act. Talen's ghost appeared one night and forgave him. The next day, Manveru earned his staff. Ever since, he has served the side of good and helped to redeem evil.

    (sorry for the long backstory )

    Miscellaneous:Manveru is physically weak, due to his mastery of magic.
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