No, it means that you can pick feats requiring specific weapons and choose "mind blade" in general rather than a specific type. So Improved Critical (mind blade) would apply to any form of the mind blade. That was basically the same as was on the original version. Should I clarify it more?[/QUOTE]

Mybe reword it slightly, I always get things like that wrong.

Linking is a good idea. Actually, looking at it now, I think it may be a good idea just to say you get +X weapon enhancement to be used for special abilities, without limiting it to a list. That way, you'd be able to use juicy weapon abilities from supplements like Magic Item Compendium.

But for materials, yeah, I'll expand/link those.
Nice thinking. After all, normal characters get all those sources to draw from.

It would double it, but that's probably not balanced at all. A more reasonable thing would be to add +10 each extra time you add it.
Since it takes up a +2 bonus (+4 max with stack) that is entirely reasonable.

Actually, that part was copied directly from Weapon Finesse on the SRD, which does have that restriction.
I just took a look. My bad. ^^;

Also, brittle mind would do an extra 50-55 damage against creatures of average intelligence. Wouldn't it be prudent to make the formula for extra damage (Creatures Int -10)*5 instead? That means commoners and idiots (and animals) doesn't take extra damage for being too smart.

Bladestorm could use some rewording too. It's not that it's mechanic is hard to understand, but it could be easier to read. I might give rewording it a shot when I get back this afetrnoon.