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    Copper, despite his commander's best efforts, managed to survive, and even thrive. Made famous by a surprisingly well acted minor role in the X-COM motion picture, Copper became something of a minor celebrity, able to comfortably retire to the Bahamas.

    Tengu Temp, although he failed to become overlord of earth, did manage to attain complete control of a fairly large city. A large city that had been marked as X-COM property. A large city near a point of dimensional intersection. A large city that was all but asking for alien vengeance, and whose population primarily consisted of those who had weaker psi scores.
    Some call it Tenguopolis, some call it Mega Primus, but all agree on the central point. It was the site of the closest thing to the Apocalypse in quite some time.

    BRC failed to convince the aliens to form a socailist utopia. He is still bitter about this.

    Chumbley managed to gain passage back to Mars, where he was a pivitol force in the transition of the defeated empire toward civillian life. He eventually became a respected statesman, and the spokesman for a popular Cydonia usedspaceship dealership.

    Nathan Fillion, fresh off a starring role in the multi academy award winning XCOM theatrical feature, signed onto a small sci-fi western by Joss Whedon for a change of pace. It ran for ten seasons, with a notable lack of decline in quality.

    Lopez and Sheila lived the american dream, quietly settling down to a quiet life in the suburbs.

    Nano signed up for one of the first jobs opening up on the outer rim as a pilot. Security runs for the colonies were pretty much the best paying gig a pilot could get, assuming one was good enough. And eventually, the mining companies would be very glad for a trained X-com Interceptor pilot.

    Cubey continued to pursue insanely dubious scientific ventures, from giant robots to atomic bombs that destroy suns. He currently has a Nobel anti peace prize, the only one of its kind.

    Swot continued to work on laser cannons for three months after the war was over. When he eventually left to get more reflectors, he was quickly the subject of a bidding war by several major manufacturing concerns. He's still amazed that most places have "Time off".

    Eldan was heard, on the day of victory, to declare loudly "WHAT HAVE I DONE! My attempts to sabotage the resistance have met with only failure and despair.". No one understood what was meant by the comment. Eldan is currently drowning regrets in cheap alcohol.

    Alex Knight continued to "run" X-COM for the rest of his life. The sarcasm quotes are there for a reason. Pretty much, he went to anywhere someone said there was an alien attack, and hit things until the incident was over. His diaries were adapted, with a few changes, into an X-Com videogame entitled "Enforcer".

    Trazoi was one of the few members of the staff to stay on in a full time role. As the highest ranking not Alex Knight officer left on staff, he pretty much kept a handle on the general planning, military expansion, and other such work.

    Lord of Rapture joined the science division of X-COM, and participated in the construction of the underwater base. Allowing X-Com's already notoriously unethical science team access to a base far outside any government jurisdiction may have been a bad idea. The records of the terror from the deep unleashed make grown men wet their pants.

    Pie guy is just glad Knight forgot about him during the London raids. He still fears for his life.

    Dark Fiddler, despite being marked for death from the start, managed to survive his term with X-Com and retired. He jumps about forty feet if you make a plasma noise behind him. Try it, it's fun!

    Zero Numerous signed up for the Patton experimental ship. After a few months, he and the crew returned with a rather good map of a distant star system, new technology, and a fresh set of plasma burns. It seems mankind had formed a few new alliances with just one X-Com ship.

    Ferrus successfully managed to change his official duties from "protect earth" to "Watch Mst3k". He still gets 20k a month for this.

    Most of the remainder of the crew gradually drifted off for fame, fortune, and not being shot at. Still, there always was a fresh faced kid wanting to see the stars for every man who left, and X-COM prospered. Soon half the galaxy would have a new synonym for heavily armed maniac.

    The XAS Hand of God was repurposed, with the use of a number of martian mineral deposits, including one of the moons, into a colony ship, being sent to the most distant stars.

    The commander of X-Com was dead. I mean, they had a funeral and everything. Sure, some folks say the casket felt a bit light, and that there was an Ethereal missing from the inventory. Sure, some say it was awfully convenient how he bit it just before the MJ-12 investigation. And okay, that first craft to the outer rim had a security officer joining up who seemed way better trained for this thing than normal, and he brought his own flying suit. And 20 million went missing that day.
    I'm just saying, it could all be a coincidence.
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