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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Ivan Ogoc
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Affiliation: None as of yet - will attempt to join GLoG in the future
    Approximate Class: Monk/Suit-user
    Power Level: 2(unsuited)/6(suited)
    Synopsis: Timothy Ogoc, Ivan's father, was a sterotypical gadgeteer genuis. After his lover - and Ivan's mother - died in childbirth, he retained legal guardianship of the child.
    Unfortunatly, or fortunatly, depending, Timothy did not make a very good father. he was obsessed with what he called the "Avatar", a hi-tech suit of personal and powered combat armour. After many unsuccesssful attempts to implant himself with the proper nodes and receptors to utilise and control the suit properly, he relised that he needed a pre-pubescent subject to recieve the implants.And who better than Ivan?
    Ivan was six years old when is training began. A series of lengthy, complicated and expensive surgeries took place which allowed the boy's skin to interface with the interior of the Avatar, and, ten years mind-crushing cruelty and grueling training later, he gained proficency in the use of the suit. Simple muscle movements having become associated with neural pathways to activate the suit's advanced functions. He could move, fly, and access all the items therein. It was four more years until Ivan was any good at it.

    Three years have passed, with low-key heroics dotting those years in between. Eventually, Ivan found himself in a confrontation with a mage called "Nemesis", and during one fateful battle in that confrontation, an inter-dimensional rift opened, spilling Ivan out and stranding him in the ACRONYM realm.

    Abilities: Ivan is the only non-Technopath who is able to use the Avatar Power Armour, and is trained in it's routine upkeep and maintenance. Although that is the extent of his technological aptitude. He can spot when the suit has been sabotaged.
    He is also the only person trained to operate it, while a technopath may be able to utilise most of the armour's functions, he will not be nearly as proficent as Ivan.
    Ivan is trained in various forms of close-quarters, armed and unarmed combat, and is most proficent with the use of a combat knife, kama, or when left completely unarmed.

    The Avatar suit has the following abilities:
    Fusion powersource with an n+20 output. This is enough to sustain the suit functioning at the highest amount of power drain indefinatly.
    Flight via anti-gravity fields generated on various nodes throughout the armour, the most powerful being the soles of the boots ('Thrusters') and the palms of the gloves ('Stablisors'). Thrust in generated in much the same fashion, as well as emergancy afterburners embedded in the boots and gloves. The suit is capable of breaking the sound barrier and ludicrous amounts of acceleration.
    The afterburners on the gloves can be manipulated to have the same effect as a fusion cutting torch, and can spew thermal energy and fire in close-quarters combat.
    A storage compartment over the right shoulder houses a high-tech, multi-purpose assault weapon, capable of firing phase-shift ammuntion, generated within the weapon itself. The firearm effectivly has tens of thousands of rounds of ammuntion per "clip" - which in relaity is little more than asolid block of iron, making ammo a non-issue in most circumsatnces. The weapon comes equipped with an opitcal scope, smart-aim system linked to the Avatar's Heads-up Visor, and underslung multipurpose launcher - which is admittidly mostly used for grenades. Standard frag grenades can be generated at a rate of one every ten minuetes using the internal fabricator locatedin the suit's right forearm. A single block of ammunition can produce over one hundred grenades.
    Small holdsters within the upper thigh armour on each leg house holdout sidearms which fire concentrated beams of electromagnetic energy focused to destructive levels, and are colloquially known as "Laser Pistols".
    The suit has an internal store of stimulants and painkillers which can automatically be injected into the user should it note that he needs medical attention. A human wearer will die from overdose long before the suit's stores run out.
    While the suit does not have a helmet - information can be fed into a high-tech visor (One of which Ivan has implanted permentalty into his skin) to act as both a heads-up display and a windshield.
    The suit also projects a low-grade fore field which protects extremely well against all manner of physical damage, with the only noted wea points being concussive force and termal energy.
    The suit itself is coated in a light-bending material which can bend concentrated light beams. For the cost of sacrificing this defence, this coating can temporaily be engaged as a stealth system.
    The suit itself is resitant to small arms fire, capable of stopping a shotgun blast with ease.
    The ammount of technology present is so dense that it disupts most magic and psionic effects (Amounting to anything short of "God-killing Abomination" level magic being rendered useless.) The includes healing spells.
    The suit is very lightweight, with the curiass wearing little more than a kevlar vest and leaving mobility unhampered.
    When not deployed, the suit is capable of folding into a small, back-pack like shape complete with shoulder straps to facilitate easy transport. Deployment time from this state is 2.38 seconds. Retraction and folding from full deployment takes a full six seconds.

    Ivan favours lightweight, dark-coloured clothing, to include a short-sleeved T-shirt, and jeans. He usually wears the Avatar Gloves and boots. He is pale, with close-cropped short black hair and sky blue, cloudy eyes.
    The Avatar suit has a deep black torso piece, with the arm and leg armour being covered in a black-and-white camoflauge pattern, resuming its black colouration for the gloves and boots. The outside of the visor appears sapphire-blue when deployed, and covers enough of Ivan's face to fool both facial recognition systems, untrained observers, and a few trained ones, rendering his identity well-concealed.
    Or it would be were Ivan not the only capable user.
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