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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Zephyria- Blue

    Gender: Male
    Race: 1/2 Windkin
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class: Wind Walker
    Power Rating (optional): 6

    Note he does wear clothes in his alternate form, this is just to demonstrate his tattooed body.

    Zeph is a warrior born to to an earth woman and a windkin, and like his father, he possesses large, lofty wings. Like his mother, he possesses a normal human form. He can change at will, and when in his alternate form, he looks like an angel. But any of his foes will tell you he's not.

    Zeph, a master planeswalker, has traversed all the elemental planes, but has finally decided to come to the realm of Acro and settle down a bit. He's got a few powers. One is his strength and agility are enhanced, and another is his winged flight, though he can also take an incorporeal wind form as well. He also can manipulate the winds to the point of trapping foes in cyclones. And when he summons all his might, he can create the tornado of time and space, and warp himself to other planes. This has two negative side effects. The first is that it's really hard to control- He could end up in any other plane if he's not careful. The second is he rips his flesh and soul a bit each time. Much more drastic.

    Zeph has a flighty nature, and is prone to drastic changes in his mood. It's fine though, cause during a fight, he seems to stay focused.
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