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    3.5 Edition D&D

    Mythos Classes
    Teramach - Mythic Barbarian
    Kathodos - Mythic Elementalist
    Olethrofex - Mythic Necromancer
    Bellator - Mythic Fighter
    Syntrofos - Mythic Weapon
    Anakitos - Mythic Paladin
    Jagannatha - Mythic Antipaladin

    Mythos Supplements
    Mythic Humans
    Mythic Kobolds
    Mythic Reth Dekala
    Mythic Vestiges
    Mythic Lycanthropes
    Mythic Warlocks
    Mythic Fusion

    Mythos Races
    Gaean Child

    Mythic Fluff
    The Consolidated Mythos Timeline

    Exalted 3rd Edition

    Xefas' Infernal Behemoth Garden
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