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Thread: [3.5] Redesigned Soulknife

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norr View Post
    I would suggest doing something to allow the soulknife to psychic strike more than once per two encounters while at the same time keeping its damage under control.
    I see your point. He would run out of PP fast if he tries to use it every encounter. What about making it activated by swift action and lasts 10 rounds, letting you use it once per round? That way, you'd only need to activate it once or twice per encounter, so your PP isn't drained quite so quickly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Norr View Post
    Also, I would suggest upgrading the soulknifes manifester level to full, since many low-level powers need augmentation to remain useful at high levels. Limiting the Soulknife to fourth level powers at the most is enough of a manifestation limit I think.
    You might be right, though he really doesn't have that much PP to spend on highly-augmented powers if he's using Psychic Strike often. But I guess it won't hurt, since he has less powers known and lower maximum power level than psychic warrior still.

    Edit: Okay, I've removed the 1/2 manifester level clause and changed Psychic Strike, is this reasonable, OP, or still weak?
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