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    The great diplomats of Tareea, an Izuka is always wanted in a tense situation, and despite their place as the youngest of seven, they have become even more respected among their companions for taking on the burden of the Rewnethock when no others could.

    Personality: Izuka seem cheery and witless at first sight, often causing one who's never seen an Izuka before to comment in bewilderment that these are the world's great diplomats. Yet it seems that underneath that heartening surface lurks a crafty mind, ultimately focused on balance and peace. Izuka will do everything in their power to make sure that all parties involved get the best deal according to their appraisal of justice, generally speaking. In personal matters and internal affairs, however, they can come down very harshly on those who have pushed them.

    Physical Description: Izuka resemble small winged crocodiles, with segmented, bejeweled eyes of two different colors and scales that gleam in colors from periwinkle to viridian. The wings are vestigial, and mostly used in regulation of inner body temperature; though small, an Izuka is muscularly very dense and thus far too heavy for natural flight. They also sport an additional pair of legs along the midsection which can only be used to push themselves directly upwards; with precise movements of the tail and body momentum, they can use this to clamber upwards across difficult terrain easily.

    Relations: Only the Alarus and the Rewnethock dislike the Izuka; the Alarus see the Izuka as a malformed offshoot of their own stock and do not see why they were granted their own house, a grudge that lasts to this day. The Izuka were directly responsible for the defeat of the Rewnethock, and being made their wards is quite uncomfortable.

    Izuka Lands: Izuka inhabit the central jungles of Atoh in the Izukan Republic, living in great ziggurats of granite and polished obsidian. In these warm and temperate locations, they discuss matters of importance at length; everyone has their day in court in Izuka, should they desire it.

    Izukan Society: The Izuka believe in an egalitarian, meritocratic society focused on the positives in life - in theory. In practice, they hold many egocentric prejudices, as their diplomacy was originally born out of cunning to increase their merit among the other six houses. Usually the desire to appear high-minded is able to keep many of these in check, but when given a target found to be appropriately easy, their darker natures can show from time to time; thus, little movement is made to protect the Rewnethock.

    Classes: Izuka are regularly Rogues, preferring to be sneaky and underhanded in a fight and avoid direct confrontation; this approach to combat gives them plenty of spare time to improve their diplomatic skills. Others take up the path of the psychic warrior, using their dense bulk to good effect and pairing it with the not inconsiderable power of their mind, or become Setting Sun swordsages, using leverage with the power of their bite attack.

    Names: Izuka prefer names which use either multiple redundant vowels or doubled consonants, or low, guttural names, and use a brood name to indicate from which clutch they were hatched; this is a geographical and social more than familial association.

    Sample Male Names: Aeolus, Colrin, Jurga, Meonoas, Retten, Typhoeus, Wynnoggr.
    Sample Female Names: Beriothia, Daiddey, Hunja, Kennoas, Sollire, Yckthys.
    Sample Brood Names: Ailan, Jelso, Kinhe, Rhiab, Tiurl, Unt, Zolon

    Languages: All Izuka know Rewko, their own language, and Alarus. Most also learn Eunne to broaden the types of groups they can communicate with.

    - Magical Beast type.
    - Small size: As a small creature, an Izuka gains a +1 size bonus to AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 bonus on Stealth checks, but her lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters that of a Medium character.
    - An Izuka has a base land speed of 30 feet, and a base swim speed of 30 feet as well.
    - Bite (Ex): Izuka have an extremely powerful bite attack that deals 1d6 piercing, slashing and bludgeoning damage. They can immediately attempt a grapple as a free action whenever they make an attack with this bite; they gain a +4 bonus to a grapple attempt from a bite, as well as to any grapple attacks made with the bite. If the target is two or more size categories larger than the Izuka, the Izuka automatically latches on with a successful attack (as though it were held in an improved grab), and must be dislodged by the larger creature as a standard action.
    - +2 bonus on Diplomacy, Bluff and Sense Motive checks.
    - Big Lungs: An Izuka can hold its breath for 10 minutes for every point of constitution it has.
    - Languages: Izuka begin play with knowledge of the Rewko and Alarus languages.
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