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    Good, all-in-all, I was considering doing something like this, but I was lazy . I think the only thing I would change is a limit per day to the bladestorm, otherwise it seems (to me) to powerful. Disregard as you wish, I'm not the best with balance.

    But anyway, besides that, to me, it seems good.

    EDIT: I would also change the special-ability-changing method. I would change it to more like a sorcerer's spells known, so you can change it at 6th level and once every two levels thereafter.

    EDIT2: [Strictteachervoice] Personman, don't talk about impossible class combinations. Paladin/hexblade? Monk/barbarian? Why don't you make a paladin/assassin while you're at it?[/Strictteachervoice]
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