The forums killed my post. Well, I'll try to rewrite most of it. The first paragraph was essentially just "Your work here is awesome. Great creation story. I've only read your first three posts, because I'm taking the time to go through these thoroughly, so expect more feedback later."

Racial fluff is great. I do have some small nitpicks and questions, but it's all just constructive criticism of what is overall excellent work. As far as their racial traits, they look fairly powerful, but of course if all races are, then it's no big deal.

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Personality: Aloof, arrogant, and accomplished, the Alarcrayin - and thus Alarus - have mastered the integration of magic into ordinary society more than any other family.
Mayhaps it's just me, but I feel like aloof and arrogant are rather cliche traits for races that are advanced, air-related, and especially arcane-magic-saavy. I like how you use alliteration (sp?) at the beginning of that section (further proof of your skilled writing style), but I feel like mixing up the content and rewording it a bit might come across with a slightly more original feel for their personalities.

Physical Description: Alarcrayin resemble large swans of varying color, with two identical, smaller sets of wings above and below the primary set, as well as hardened golden shell - like a tortoise's - upon their backs.
I'm intrigued by this shell. Is it large, covering most of their backs, or is it small (like the size of a usual turtle's) and located on their upper back? Do they ever decorate the shell in any fashion? When their wear clothing (if they wear clothing) does it generally display or cover up this shell?

Alarcrayin Society: Alarcrayin are a matriarchal society, and most who have held the title of Cantroth are female; nine females are born for every one male. Highly social creatures, only a few - usually females or a mated pair - separate from flocks to go it their own way. Most do not engage in lasting monogamous relationships, nor desire them; a common saying among their people is "Of many, one," indicating the unusual split focus of their life. Though they stay with one another for logistical support and trade, most Alarcrayin ultimately look to themselves for strength and contemplation. This said, most do form friendships and partnerships - but anyone who tries to get too close will usually be told to back off politely.
When you say nine females are born for every male, do you mean the race as a whole's birthrate or simply those born for the Cantroth title? They don't have monogamous relationships generally, but does this mean they tend to engage in serial monogamy, polyamory, or polygamy? Or do most simply remain single with many light-hearted flings? How does this affect how children are raised?

Vhig Prime himself resides. [Emphasis added]
If the vhig are created in a forge, why do they have genders? Wouldn't it be unnecessary?

Vhig Society: Vhig have less of a society and more a multitude of professions that they were built for and are cordial about doing. Every Vhig is given a life-assignment when they are born in Vhig Prime's forge; while it is possible to request a change and there is rarely a penalty if a Vhig feels the need to get up and leave without notice, most Vhig are more than happy doing what they were literally made for.
Is there much of a hierarchy in vhig society? Or are the multitude of professions and such generally viewed as fairly equal? If most stick to what they were made for, does this mean crime rates tend to be low and nonconformity rare?

I'll do more reading and responding later. Keep up the great work!