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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    May Patricia O'Connell
    Status: Martyred and dead.

    Gender: Female.
    Race: Human.
    Age: 15.
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Class (or approximation): Commoner.
    Power Rating: 0-1.
    Description: She has blond hair, tends to dress fashionably, and is of a rather average size.

    Equipment and Abilities: Has minor power over physical and metaphysical locks. She has a pretty singing voice, too.
    Backstory: May is the clone of Annabelle king, adopted by Erin.
    Miscellaneous: None.

    Status: Retired into NPCdom.

    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human.
    Age: 24.
    Alignment: Neutral.
    Class (or approximation): Commoner.
    Power Rating: 0-1.
    Description: Stretch is an mostly ordinary looking fellow who dresses in a mostly ordinary manner. His only oddity is his right arm, which is so long that it almost touches the floor when he stands. The limb is multi-jointed and unusually flexible.

    Equipment and Abilities: Aside from an unusual limb, none.
    Backstory: Erin found Stretch on a strange world. He asked her to bring him to a place where people wouldn't fear him for his deformities. She brought him to Inside.
    Miscellaneous: None.
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