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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    The Earl
    Gender: Male
    Race: Purple Dragon (half red, half blue)
    Age: 1,345
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class (or approximation): Sorceror
    Power Rating (optional): 7
    Dragon: Very large, his scales are very dark purple and actually quite shiny. His eyes are deep pools of pure purple.
    Human: About six foot tall, very wrinkled, with eyes of pure purple. Usually wears purple robes.
    Equipment: 8 large bags of holding. And purple robes.
    Abilities: Immunity to Electricity, Sound Imitation, Spell Resistance 22, 240ft Darkvision, 60ft Blindsense, Lowlight Vision (x4), Immunity to Sleep, Immunity to Paralysis, Immunity to Fire, Alternate Form (human), Permanent True Seeing, spell casting (including Epic spells), lightning breath weapon, fire breath weapon
    Backstory: He is looking for somewhere to create a kingdom.
    Miscellaneous: He has 2 sons and is very fond of words.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Purple Dragon
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral
    Class (or approximation): Smart Hero/Techno Mage
    Power Rating (optional): 5
    Description: Purple scales, hairless, muscular, wears glasses, joggers and a t-shirt.
    Equipment:Notebook Computer, PDA, casual clothing, Electrical Blast AK-47, Unholy Walther PPK, 5 Thundering Fragmentation Grenades, Metal Baton of Speed, Fortified Undercover Vest of Spell Resistance, Staff of Voltage.
    Abilities: Lowlight Vision, Darkvision (60ft), Immunity to Sleep, Immunity to Paralysis, an Elemental Immunity Electricity
    He also has a breath weapon. Fire.
    Backstory: Accompanying his Dad, the Earl.
    Miscellaneous: Despite appearances, he's a bit of a nerd.

    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Purple Dragon
    Age: 37
    Alignment: Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil
    Class (or approximation): Strong Hero/Archaic Weaponmaster
    Power Rating (optional): 5
    Description: Purple scales, muscular, bald. Wears combat trousers and a specially adapted kevlar vest to accomodate his wings. Quite nice wings, too.
    Equipment: 3 longswords, sonic pulse grenades, Distance Glock 20, Hidden Holster, Universal ID, flare gun, Broken Arrow Tattoo, Wand of Knock, Bugsweeper, Tap Detector, 6 steel handcuffs, 10 zip-tie handcuffs.
    Abilities: Flight, Darkvision, Low-Light Vision, Paralysis and Sleep immunity, an elemental immunity fire
    Also has a breath weapon. lightning
    Backstory: Trained to be a head of security, accompanying his father.
    Miscellaneous: Is not a nerd. Or wimpy.
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